Working on an oil painting…and I’m beginning to grow REALLY fond of oils…or no, it’s deeper than that. I love how oils will remain wet and willing to work with you for a loooooong time. That way I can really form, shape and mix on the painting itself, which is almost as intense a working experience as modelling raw clay with your hands. I love how it takes hours to blend and even out the colours and how oils allow you to work seamlessly (I love seamless and hazy). Watercolours do this as well, but oils have the super advantage of being able to leave your work be for a few hours and then continue without problem. No stains, no hard lines where you don’t want them. And if you’re called away from your work, you can easily be missed for a bit.

I’m using water soluble oils. I don’t like the “chemicality” of solvents, either in paint or in media to dilute paint. Not for the environment, not for my own health. And despite what some people say about “the real thing” being “da best”, I find this kind of paint works fab!

The only downside of it, is that when my painting’s finished, I cannot immediately scan and upload it. I’ll have to wait until it’s completely dry, which can be weeks. So, an exercise in patience, we’ll call it.

Anyway, it’s become awfully late, I might regret my late night’s enthusiasm for the paint in the morning (but tell me, what’s better than painting with the best music in the world in your headphones? I mean, this is what I expect heaven to be like, really! Well, that and a few other nice things, of course. Hmm, what a nice thought to keep in mind for when I lay myself down in bed…it might inspire my subconscience to make a really good dream! Creamy, oily, luvly music…and….and…and…..