One of the illustrations I’m currently working on…an illustration for my own Art Journal.

It’s not yet finished. And I’ve been breaking my head on how to do so. Am I going to make Spring radiate from that egg-like head of hers by putting some Indigo in the sky? Am I going to decorate that egg with whatnot? I don’t know yet! So I’m going to put this one aside until I know.

Oh, by the way…the inside of the egg-like head glows with a vanilla like yellow. In Photoshop it looks perfect, but now that my image has been made fit for the weg, colors have been washed off  or something. Hm. I probably should look into that, because watercolor tends to be horrible in a flatbed scanner. But I’m just not really that interested in that technological aspect of getting a drawing on the net….I prefer drawing and painting!