The sun has come through the rain clouds and all of a sudden the world is bursting with spring…buds popping out of branches, fresh leaves unrolling, my cat rolling around in the sunlight….

For all the readers of my blog…I’m doing a Spring Give Away!!! Teesha Moore put an instruction video online a little while ago in which she shows how to make an Art Journal of a single sheet of quality Art paper…well, I bought a bunch of Art papers and got busy. Teesha’s Journal proves to be ideal!

So…of the stack of Journals that I’ve bound, I’m giving a Caonson Montval 300gs handbound Teesha-style Art Journal away!!! For free! Plus some ephemera, clippings and lovely pieces of paper….

If you would like to have it, leave a comment with your name and a link to an Art Journal page that you’ve posted online (yesss, I’m ever so curious…) and I’ll draw the lucky winner of this Art Journal and some ephemera on Friday evening 9 April. I’ll post a video of the draw and the prize online!!!

Oh…and for those whose names won’t be drawn, here are Teesha’s two instruction vids, so that you can get busy yourselves!

Happy Spring!!!