That Pacovska book did it for me…it got me back into drawing mode…despite all the 1000 things I had to do today, I also sought and found time for my sketchbook. I shamelessly nearly copied two Pacovska figures to illustrate the spark I felt to pick up drawing and illustrating when I found her book in the thrift store yesterday. I’m over the moon with that book. And I can already feel that drawing Pacovska-style is liberating for me…even in these petty copies it was great fun playing with lines. And still I see in my lines how my mind ruled them, how my mind tried to force the notion of how things ought to look upon my hand…but it’s a start…and it captures so well how her book blew new life into my otherwise occupied mind…and sparked me back into drawing…

Did I say “otherwise occupied”?

Hm, well…yes. I’m going to be a real pain in the butt right now…and I’m not even apologising for it, but I have some big news in store for you…soon!

Until then I’ll leave you with an assignment for your journal…Do a page Pacovska style! In Google you can find images of her work by entering her last name. Or maybe you have one of her books lying about… It’s such fun to try! If you don’t like the colours, pick your own! If you don’t like the imagery, make your own! Just look at it really well and try to see the key elements in her work and weave those into yours. Don’t overlook the fact that she uses clippings too! You can make this page into a real mixed media topic, using acrylics, clippings, color pencil, crayons, pen and ink.

I’m also planning to refurbish my website and reorganise my blog. What I’d like most, is to get more comments to my blog. And for that to happen, I think my blog might become a bit more interactive. So, what if you uploaded your Pacovska page and replied to this post with the link to it? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’d like to see what you guys make of it!