Drawing portraits…
Sometimes it’s a piece of cake!
Sometimes they are just suddenly there!
Like this once when I did a quick sketch of this elderly lady in local costume in minutes.
I was sketching away mindlessly in lost minutes while dinner was cooking…
It wasn’t until later that I saw my sketch was spot on
and that I spent another half hour working it out. 
A few days ago, I got this idea in my head that I want to do a few paintings with faces.
Girl faces, women’s faces.
So I asked my daughter to pose. And she did most willingly.
I picked this photo and decided to first do a realistic sketch of her face
before doing quick and more stylized sketches as a basis for the new painting.
At least…that’s what I THOUGHT.
For it’s been a struggle so far and I’m not there yet, BY FAR!
My first sketch was this one:
 Her joy is in it, but I tilted the head and gave her ugly, ugly protruding teeth! Bad me!
Attempt two got a little closer, but it’s nowhere near Nevynn:

 Certain elements in it were allright, but the whole is off.
Often it’s easier to draw strangers.
It’s just that with people you know REALLY well,
you simply can’t stop your brain from thinking.
So, yesterday I started attempt #3:
 Straight from the base sketch I went wrong, placing the lower jaw way too much forward.
The nose in the wrong angle, the eye and brow too low. 
I did work on both a bit, but still, the end result of the third attempt is again, NOT my daughter.
Turns out that in the end the lower part of the face is too far to the left…
I can safely say that there will be a sequel to this post.
I just really wanted to share my painful process with you.
Because drawing good portraits is just really hard to do.
And it can be a struggle.
But that’s okay.
There are no faults, no mistakes.
Every deviation is just a step in the process of LEARNING.
In the end it will be fine.
I know that in a few days I will have a perfect Nevynn in my sketchbook.
But before then,
it is important NOT TO GIVE UP.
It’s a process.