This morning the sun broke through
And lit the Nymphea in our pond
The fish came to the surface
And bathed in the sunlight
As did one of our male frogs
But the real surprise came
this afternoon
When Isis scooped water flees
and mosquito larvae for the newts in our pond
and found this little precious creature
A little baby newt…
Here, side by side with what’s to become his food,
mosquito larvae
See the transparence of this little creature?
It’s just still a little baby
And see its external gills
like an Oxolotl’s
But unlike the Oxolotl
This newt won’t keep its gills
During its metamorphosis into an adult newt
Its gills will disappear and lungs will form inside its body
What a miraculous little creature, eh?
And what a joy to see one from so close by.
So proud of my pond-fishing little lady!