There seems to be so little time to do the things I want to do. Or, no, that’s a silly excuse. I haven’t been using my time well, lately. I’ve been busier thinking and pondering about things and thoughts rather than being busy with work! And the plans I have!!! You wouldn’t believe how full my head is!

It’s the time of year! In the autumn I always slow down tremendously. I withdraw in my own little cocoon and float on the rhythm of winter. But when spring is coming nigh, my creative cells pop open and prove that my little bit of cocooning time wasn’t being lazy at all. Because in that time faint ideas grew into inspiration and energy. And now I can’t wait to get started. Acclimatising to my own newly regained creative energy always takes a week or two to get me into motion. But I’m getting there. I bound 8 booklets this morning…and I have great, great plans for some paper marbling and illustrating…and binding…and a painting…and a clay mosaic…and my classes….and….oof!!! Bring out the sun! I’m so ready for it!!!

(I know we Dutchmen are renowned for our whining about the weather. Well, I won’t deny we do a lot of that, but maybe it is better digestable if you know that we have a rather extreme climate with not one day the same as another. This year we had tuns of snow, for months! Unheard of, never happened during my lifetime before. Then we have loads of grey cloud packed days with bucketloads of water per square cm. And sweeps of wind that blow right through your clothes…and then when the sun come…oh boy, it gets mediterraneanly hot here nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I love seasons. I love the change of nature around me. I wouldn’t miss it. But it’s a drag when in December and January I can’t keep my paint in my work room because it might freeze and when in July and August I can’t have it in there because it get too hot and dry in the tubes.

Ooops, sorry…I was whining! Ehrm…but if anyone knows the weatherman…please send up a kind request to make them heavenly tears stop falling and to clear the skies!)