It’s been a long time since I got so excited
over art supplies.
But this week, Tamara Laporte came up with a blog entry
that got my creative juices flowing faster than usual.
Wow, them Gelli Plates!
Only a few weeks ago
I was pondering about how to get a background technique done.
But couldn’t come up with a solution.
And then,
sweet synchronicity…
there was Tamara!
(Thank you soooo much for sharing, Tam.)
My decision to order the Gelli Plates was instantly taken.
I found only one store in the Netherlands that sells them.
Expensive, but hey!
These Gelli Plates are the kind of supply that provide unlimited possibilities
and that’s going to last and last and last…

 And then I discovered Gelli Plate how-to’s on their blog.
And YouTube proved a nice source of inspiration as well.
As you can see in this lovely video:
So I figured I needed some stencils.
However, having spent such an amount on the Gelli Plates already,
I didn’t feel quite willing to spend even more on the (expensive) stencils.
And besides…
how difficult could it be
to make my own?
Not very difficult at all.
And almost for free…
I made 10
in 1 day.
Want to know how I did it?
And how much I saved?
Next week I will do a video tutorial
and post it here!
What I’m going to do with my Gelli Plates?
I’m going to start with making a journal.
And after some practise,
I hope to make interesting backgrounds
for my illustrations.
For I’m slowly shifting from watercolour
to acrylics
and mixed media.
If I have any plans for today?
You bet!
I’m definitely going to try out the Gelli Plates and my stencils.
But I’m also going to make some of these.
My daughter just picked up some foam sheets for me
and my husband’s hunting for double-sided carpet tape as we speak.
So if you’re looking for me this weekend,
chances are I might be in my studio…