Even though I’d heard of Google Translate, it had never occurred to me to add it to my blog. And I have to say, being a linguist myself, I’m a little disappointed with what it does. I mean, I’ve added it to my blog and had a go with it. Well, what came out of Dutch posts was English all right. But don’t ask what kind of English!!! Boy, I hope you’re creative readers because you’ll have to puzzle my story together when translated with Google. I had expected or hoped it would deal better with idiom and phrases, but where I use figurative language, well, Google makes zip of it! Nada! Of course you can’t expect a computer to be programmed as creatively as people write and speak, but still…much of the figurative phrases could be called idiom.

So, translating is better done by human beings than by computers. That’s still a fact.

However, having said that, I have decided to offer Google Translate on my blog. To make it accessible to anyone from anywhere. It wasn’t easy to find HTML code that allowed this app to be put on a WordPress blog, but I’ve found it, adapted one line to a Dutch blog needing translation into English and it works!

So, this puts my mind at ease for now, but I’m looking forward still to hearing your opinions, for on 1 May I’m going to choose THE language my blog will be in from then on. With Google Translate on the side for those who prefer their own – be it rickety with a computer translator – language.

If anyone’s interesting in the HTML code, let me know and I’ll send it to you by e-mail.