sketch for “Shelter”
2013 has so far proved to be wild
and untameable.
So I tucked all my plans into a drawer
and let things come as they do
for the time being.
I used some of my time for practice
in an entirely new style.
Sometimes, taking a detour
helps bring more depth into your own style.
But I began to miss my watercolors…
So this evening I spent sketching some new paintings.
I can’t wait until the kids are back to school
for I have some serious painting to do!!!
(And definitely can’t do that
with two lovely ladies hopping about!)
I’m keeping my itching fingers busy this week
with making a whole bunch of sketches
that will give me work until summer.
The little sketch above is a detail
from a painting called “Shelter”.
Featuring a tree that I know from real life…
I intend to finish my website next week.
That, and a little sidekick…
(not telling yet….)
Hope to see you then!