So…here’s a detail of the Sinterklaas surprise present. It was kinda last minute because I only half realized that my daughter needed this surprise by tomorrow. Only yesterday it really sunk in, so we dashed to the local art supply store and bought some supplies to make a “book”. We chose a red foam cover, three cardboard pages inside with drawings and a poem written by my daughter and a fourth page with the gift (a real book) glued onto it. I bound it with satin laces and then we needed some decoration for the covers…

Well, it came in handy that I’d visited Suzette’s blog earlier that morning (sorry for all you international folks, that blog is in Dutch, but the next link IS in English, so don’t despair!). She had made postcards with origami owls of some beautiful paper. Now, I’ve never been much of an origami person. In the first place, I’m not fond of folding. Because I never get it really perfectly precise anyway which I find annoying. And in the second place, suppose I DO succeed in folding something, then what to do with it? Up until yesterday Origami and me were no friends.

Up until yesterday! Wow…the first owl was a hassle because the pulling and twisting of the wings was quite a torture for my poor hooter (perhaps it’s my limited knowledge of English vocabulary, but this word for an owl keeps this perverted twist in my ears! Or is it actually not used for owls at all? In which case I apologize for using it…hehe). But when it finally came together, I was all amazed. So, I folded another one…and another one…and after three owls I could fold the thing by heart! So I kept on folding these lovely and hysteric washi origami papers that I’d bought at the Art supply store into owls…and everyone who came in, wanted one… It was quite awesome. And I even stuck one in my Journal. I could not fail to make a post about my first origami project ever, now, could I?

So, are your fingers itching to start folding little owls? Here’s the link to the very good (English) instructions of how to fold an owl.  And if you have no origami paper at hand, I think this would be awesome in (old) newspaper or vintage magazine paper too! And if you can’t think of a purpose for such an owl, then I can declare they make wonderful gift tags! Or, like Suzette did, they’re pretty on postcards too!