I have some catching up to do…but in two days time I should finish all the work! So today I did two assignments, hoping that tomorrow  can do a few more.

An exercise I did once as a kid…I drew a ballet dancer…Peter Schaufuss. I’ll never forget that name, for that drawing, with the aid of the grid, was the first drawing of a human being that actually looked like one. So, when we had to do a grid exercise for lesson 25, it had to be dancers again. The image is from “Othello” by The Albertan Ballet.

Then there’s two exercises for lesson 24 to help loosen the hand and improve hand-eye coordination. I have great trouble slowing down my eyes to the pace of my hand. But other than that I notice I’m progressing gradually. I love these linedrawings! Like it a lot better than the more detailed (and boring!!!) grid drawing.