Hello everyone. 
After two weeks of silence I thought I should give you a sign of life!
First up, we’re getting a new kitchen.
(Or perhaps “getting” is not the appropriate word for it.
Seems too effortless.)
Whereas our house looks like a war-zone at the moment.
The kitchen being in the centre of our house, it’s chaos, dust and tiny bits of rubble everywhere.
But, if all’s well, the new kitchen should be standing and working on the 13th…
Then on to some news from the studio!!!
If you fancy my work, then don’t buy your Christmas cards just yet. Or buy them minus four.
I’m working hard on a set of four Christmas cards. 
The sketches are ready and I hope to finish them next week.
Here’s a sneak preview for you…
I’m pretty excited, because they’re going to be so different from any traditional Christmas theme…
Just wait and see…