In the Netherlands discussions are held currently about pro-Anna websites. Websites on which anorectic girls advise other girls how to avoid eating and how to get it out of their system before it digests. Since these sites help many a girl to the First Aid departments, some sites have been shielded off and other sites now have obligatory warnings on them.

Today, a news article caught my attention and made me feel queasy. Donna Simpson, a 40 something woman already weighing over 265 kgs has found a goal in life! She wants to set the world record for being the heaviest woman ever to have lived. She is aiming at 450 kgs, which means she’s now eating 12000 calories on a daily basis (versus the 2000 adult women need daily) and will have to do so for another 2 years.

The woman holding the record for being the heaviest woman on earth is dead. Because of her overweight. She died a little while after a successful gastric bypass. She had a heart attack because of her overweight.

The ludicrous ambition to get even fatter than ‘lethal’, gets even more nauseating when you bear in mind that:
a) Donna Simpson has children among which a very, very little one;

b) Donna Simpson stuffs her morbid body in front of the webcam for which people pay subscription. She even funds her grazings with that money;

c) Donna Simpson reportedly already is a diabetic with high blood pressure.

In my Donna Simpson is making the hughest snuff-movie on the face of this earth. Because slowly, but surely she’s committing suicide, bite by bite, filming it for people with a fat-lady fetish.

So this raises questions about the internet and people’s behaviour.

1. How come we can all witness a slow suicide?
2. How come people that are sick and need help get paid for exposing their sick selves on the internet and thus maintain their mental state?
3. How on earth is it possible that there are actually people on the face of our planet who get arroused by such morbid behaviour?
4. Should it be forbidden to broadcast such pulp? Or should we leave it to those who chose to see it?
5. Should it be possible to pay for such a “service”?

I am all for the freedom of speech. Don’t get me wrong here. But things as extreme and inherently bad like this, really raise some question marks. What have we come to? This woman should be arrested and put into a mental hospital. In the Netherlands people can be forced to be hospitalized in a mental institution if they are a danger either to themselves or to their environment. In this case, I think it’s quite clear that Donna Simpson is a danger to herself as well harmful to her children. What mother would kill herself slowly right in front of her kids’ eyes?

Well. That’s for controversy. Enough of that for today! I wonder what you guys think of this.