Today’s journal page…very much about my life right now.

So far this page is part of a diptytch, together with Rocky Shores…and I’ve just begun working on the last of what will then be a triptytch…the last part of it.

Painted with mixed media; watercolor, acrylics, markers and carbon pencil.

It’s odd, but I’ve noticed with both this image and Rocky Waters that colours seem to fade on Flickr. I save them with full colours and on Flickr they come out much blander than they really are or than I have saved them. Rather annoying because I put quite a lot of effort into making my image as vibrant in colour as the real thing. And then to have such bland results, as if there’s a very slight white haze over the image, is frustrating. Does anyone know why this happens? I might be doing something wrong here, because I’m not really all that good with the technical know-how of how to save my images best for keeping and for the internet. Maybe I should get myself into a Photoshop course at last. So far I never thought it was necessary because I could manage pretty good on my own. But the more I work with images, the stronger the desire for perfection and workability.

Well, all that has to wait a bit. First another journal page…with some news…till later!