A little while ago
And I loved it.
But I wasn’t the only one
I got SOOO many nice comments on it…
So I decided to paint another nude
Dove into my pile of paper again
And let my fingers bring another woman to the surface
This time she has her eyes closed
…as if she’s deeply enjoying the warmth of a bath…
Such a thrilling process…
And then it became even more thrilling
When somebody asked me
to cut my first nude lady out of my journal
and sell it to her.
What was I going to do?
But as my brush stroked one layer
on top of another
I realised that THAT is what artists do.
They sell their work.
Their originals too.
 So the first nude goes,
cut out of my journal,
to a new owner.
To proudly hang on her wall.
This nude is coming along fine
using different techniques
and painted not to keep
but to sell.
Another original
I will reluctantly
but proudly
let go.