Where I was and some Life Wisdom

Oh my! I can’t believe it’s been a month +3 since I last posted…whoops! Where did time go? I’ve been busy… So this time it’s a long post, getting up-to-date!

I went to Glow Eindhoven, an Art and Light route full of really gorgeous and often breathtaking installations. It was incredibly invigorating and inspring to be surrounded by so many beautifully thought out light projects.

“Giant Dandelions” – art and light installation at Glow Eindhoven, artist Olivia D’Aboville, photo: © Mandy van Goeije

And of course I went to the annual Book Art Fair in the Pieterskerk in Leiden where I was not only immersed in the world of the book geeks and did two bookbinding workshops, but also got myself some really wonderful new tools and supplies and of course…a giganormous stack of new bookbooks. I actually got all these books below minus the Kaleidoscope one and The Book as Art part 1, which I already owned. But boy, does Lidy Schoonens have a good collection of books on my passions!

Some wisdom gained…

I’ve also been doing lots and lots and lots of thinking…and then even more of it. Cooked my brains into a soup…that much thinking… Getting back into working mode after summer taught me I’m no longer the same girl after a year’s sabbatical. I’ve changed in the past year and so have my plans. A bit of a shock which left me thinking: “So, now what?” And you know what I found out? That kind of thinking doesn’t bring the answer in this case. Life does! Because whatever you think is blown away by the events of life…by wonderful talks with dito friends and by the wonders of new propositions and assignments rolling into your mailbox all at once that my heart screams a warm and joyful “YES!!!” to before the mind has even fully read them, let alone thought about them. So now what? Simply go with the flow! And enjoy it as you go! Life really can be as simple as that if you let it…

And speaking of wisdom…look what appeared under my hands this week…

I was never much of an origami person (as if anyone can ever be an anything person! Duh!)…but now that my head’s cooking up plans, this little elephant definitely seemed to be part of it! And I must give full credit to Leyla Torres for her lovely instruction video on YouTube. It wasn’t easy, folding my second origami project ever from rather sturdy atlas paper. But how great the joy of seeing this little creature coming to life under my fingertips!

Then for some art journaling eye candy!

But now, I want to finally treat you to some art journaling eye candy! I’ve done way too few pages lately, but today I created a lovely new Art Journal Page about a girl’s Seven-league boots…ohhhh…and it got that art journal blood flowing warm and fast again…

The story is this:

“Is that page autobiographic?” interviewers will ask me in TV shows, later, when I’m grown up and famous. “No, of course not.” I shall then reply, “I was just a channel for a story that was waiting to be told!”

But is a story that we write, a painting that we paint, a drawing that we draw ever about anything else than about ourselves? Than about a part of our selves? I mean, see? The leaves have fallen from the tree in my page just like they have in the view from my studio window.

And this girl? Yup! You caught me there! Me all the way! I confess…this page is 100% autobiographic (as I think every art journal page should be! – says the Art Mrs. in me!)


Behind the Story

The Seven-league boots are about the running that comes from thinking too much and fussing too much about things. About seeking direction and about wanting to go places FAST. But the thing with this kind of vicious-circle thinking is that you never get anywhere with it. Because this kind of thinking creates a whirlwind inside your brain that sucks the air right out of there and makes you forget to really LIVE and ENJOY the moment and to simply DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING. It was a very dear friend of mine who reminded me that all I had to do to go places, was exactly that. And that’s when the good girl in me sits down with a stack of left over paper, scissors, paint and glue and begins to tell her story in a way she enjoys.

What happened next? I forgot the moment! I enjoyed myself to shreds and pieces!!! There’s something so healing about illustrating your life like this…it helps putting things into such clear perspective that before long I had this grin from ear to ear and I was laughing at the serious intensity on the girl’s face. Did I look like that during my rides on the many, many trains of thoughts that had churned in my mind? Oh boy…I sure prefer my playful self!

But hold on! There is more!

And then there’s even more, much more, that I’ve been working on during my silence here! Things I have no footage of images of yet. Isn’t that a great cliff hanger? 😉