The past months I was busy learning stuff about having a business.

Some of the things I learned were awesome and inspiring. 

But many of the things I learned,
were daunting and confusing.

And yet, these days, artists are required to be businesspeople too.
I learned about marketing and gathering an audience;
what “the rules” are.
The do’s and the don’t’s of blogging and social media.
How to grow an audience of likers on facebook.

I created an eZine and an eBook,
created a mailing list
and I am currently running my first online workshop successfully.

All in all, I’ve been a pretty good pupil.


I do not feel in sync when my focus is on ‘audience’.
It drains all the passion from my system.I think it’s pretty much like making love solely in order to get pregnant.
Nothing much fulfilling about that either, I think.

Of course there were some successes.
I sure haven’t written my last eBook or eZine.
I loved writing them and I’m really proud of what they’ve become!

I am just not a marketing tiger.
It’s good that I learned about the business side of having a business.

But I’ve gone as far as I want to go.
Now I passionately want to get back to work…
to re-connect
with myself
and my work.

And as my best trainer said earlier today:
“It’s all about patience.”
I’m convinced that if I deliver good work,
and make it seen,
eyes will find it…

And call me pigheaded,
but I firmly believe
that there are NO RULES!!!
Not anymore.
Everything is reinvented every day.
And I hereby invent MY way.

So this is a way-too-wordy blog post,
according to “the rules”.
But guess what!
This is me!