Drawing for kids was a bridge too far for me yet, I’ve decided. If it is at all “my thing” (which in the Netherlands is a popular expression at the moment). First I want to get all my thoughts on paper that will lead to illustrations not particularly meant for children. So, I’m submerging into philosophy, poetry, mysticism and symbolism to create my drawings…hurray!!! I’ve chosen to illustrate what I read into some lyrics off Koder på Snor (This album is so worth buying!!! The link sends you to a legal download possibility on Amazon)by Valravn. Not only the sound of this album is great, but I love the poetry as well…for some of the lyrics can well be read as just that. For any of you who know the album…what track do you think I’m currently making studies for? If you don’t know the album, you can always read the lyrics here…so you cans till take part in my little quiz!!!

Try to look beyond my sketchbook…there’s another clue in the picture above!

Then a raven I’m pretty pleased with

I’m afraid I have definitely fallen into my midlife crisis now. My Valravn fanship is bordering on addiction these days…when the cd’s not playing I’m trying to sing the Danish/Faroe lyrics or at least hum them. My head’s filled with images from their lyrics or images that I produced while listening to them. Gosh…it’s getting really bad. But then again, Valravn is just really, really, really good. And at 35…can one seriously develop groupship anymore? Because I’m seriously hoping for them to visit the Netherlands this summer!!! Or else we’ll be heading for Denmark, Germany, Poland or wherever for our summer holiday…hehehe…

See? I told you the situation is getting out of hand….hehe. Well, I’d rather be merrily insane than grown up and boring!