The past few weeks I spent a lot of time outside.
Besides hunting for treasures,
I enjoyed our garden as often as I could.
I studied hunting frogs and nutes,
unfolding flowers and leaves.
I stepped out of my cocoon a few weeks ago,
but my mind remained in there…
Journal page: “Quelqu’un” – Very quick watercolour sketch
 But quiet though I may have seemed,
my mind’s been working so hard in all its silence…
This Friday lots of sketches began pouring out
and such a beautiful story has been coming to life
that I have yet to find words to,
though images have already formed.
The process of story forming is a peculiar one.
Old stories must be allowed to die,
mourned over and let go
before you can turn the page to invite a new one in.
But when that new story comes,
it feels as though a new friend has come into your life.
The kind you feel you’ve known for ages.