As I sit here behind my laptop, a lot of hammering is going on in my studio. They’re laying the wood floor. It’s turning out really beautiful!

So, as the end of the work is nigh, I’m beginning to see what my studio is going to look like. White, of course. And a lot neater and emptier than the last. But I want to give it some twists. My workplace is going to be functional, above all. But, I am looking for a solution for a good mood board. So, I am looking for a metal plate that will hold the hundreds of neodymium magnets I have lying about here. I once ordered them for a project that I never got round to doing, so they’re going to be on my studio wall. Does anyone know where I can get a steel plate?

And then I need a lamp over the table where I teach. And looking into a local (but world famous) artist, I ran into THE perfect lamp:

“Something to Drink” by Ineke Otte

This is a standing lamp, but she’s also got a hanging version of it that I have no image of, but can be seen in this youtube filmAnd here  is a really nice article about Ineke and her work.

To me this lamp is awesome because more than any other lamp I’ve seen so far, it says something about how welcome your guests are. They’re welcomed with the promise of a good cup of tea or coffee just by seeing this lamp over the table. And also, personally I prefer having coffee and tea at the table rather than on a sofa. So to put this lamp over my table would be smashingly perfect. It would be immediately clear: THAT is where my tea-spot is!

I’ve looked into buying this lamp, but unfortunately it is not yet in production. You can have a single lamp made, but really, you don’t want to know the price! Individual production results in an absolutely astronomical price. So, unless I win the lottery really soon, I’ll have to wait and hope this lamp will become available soon on a larger scale.

In the mean time, however, I do need a lamp. So, I’ve looked around, but with this lamp in my head, I can’t find any that I really like. So, what’s a girl to do when she can’t have what she wants and can’t find anything else that she wants? Exactly. Make something herself!

So, inspired by “Something to Drink” I’m going to try and make a lamp myself! I’m not sure yet if my plan can succeed yet, because I’ve never worked with those materials before. But if I don’t try, I won’t know. And if my plan works out, then it might turn out really awesome!