Today I went to illustration class again. I love it there. Everybody is working so hard and seriously on their projects…and the teacher approaches everyone to their own style and skills. It’s great! Getting good advice is wonderful, but it’s also very inspiring to look at what the others do and how they work!

There’s no finished work I want to show you yet, but I have some sketchbook sketches, fragments, for you. The first two are unintended…on scrap paper I used to protect my journal when I gave my journal page a water color wash…it turned out, I had also created an abstract water view with trees reflected in the water and a water view with a wooden rowing boat…

And then the whole point of sketching ravens was to abstract them into mandy-style ravens…here’s one attempt at it:

And last but not least, the sketch for my major illustration that I’ve been working on the past weeks. I’m trying to capture the Valravn lyric “Seersken”. I’m playing with the main character and placing her in different landscapes…and I’m currently trying some coloring techniques. I hope she’ll get along further soon!