Ouch…my first giveaway and already possibly a delay…

As I wrote in my entry earlier today, I have been trying to get my internet connection right in my studio…but of no avail. The computer says I’m connected to the internet, but my browser won’t show me any pages…so, we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. However, I tried to upload a video earlier today and it failed because of network problems. Updating my weblog went fine, but putting a video and images online resulted in errors…too much data at once, maybe?

Aaargh…I knew it…I shouldn’t have tried it before doing the giveaway video.

However…I’m going to do the video this evening and will put my video online as soon as it’s possible…so hold your breaths a little while longer!!! All names of the participants are rolled up nicely and tucked in a box for me to draw out of….taratataaaaaaa….

So…the video is in the making this evening, but may be posted online a little later…I hope this weekend, though!!! You’ll hear from me!