Hi guys, it’s time to ask you for your opinion, since I’m working on a project for YOU!

Last summer I wrote I was going to plug an online Art Journaling course this fall. Well, it won’t be exactly this fall, but I am certainly working on an online Art Journaling project / course.

It’s going to be colorful.
It’s going to be very affordable.
It’s going to teach you an easy bookbinding technique so that this course will give you a journal from cover to content!
It’s going to help you develop your journaling skills, whether beginner or advanced.
It’s going to offer PDF instructions and text as well as videos.
And last but not least, it’s going to build an online gallery for all participants so that we can all inspire one another.

And it’s going to be FUN!!!

I’m already having fun making the course! And I could go on forever making all these weekly assignments!

But what do you think is a good term for an online course? The lessons are going to be weekly, so that almost everybody has time to watch the video, read the instructions and do the assignments. I was thinking we could do 16 lessons in all. But perhaps you think that’s too long?

Please, let me know what you think. You can do the poll on the right bar of my weblog right there ->
Or you can visit the poll online if you click here.

Thanks for your opinion and if you feel like joining the ride, you can always contact me so that I can let you know when I have more information!