Last week’s poetry workshop brought poetry back in motion. Wonderful! I still wrote poetry for my journal occaisionally, but not nearly enough. It’s been years since I wrote at least 3 poems a day. But now… Now I’m beginning to THINK poetry again. It’s pouring out again! It feels like coming home. So, I took myself to the local book store and bought myself a moleskine designated especially for poetry. I needed a moleskine. Not because I think they are the best notebooks, but because I intend to never ever stop writing poetry again and I can’t wait to see a shelf of poetry notebooks grow…all the same books…a growing row of them…all the same backs. And since moleskines seem to stay and have done so for ages, I’m betting on them.

I covered the moleskine with a piece of marbled paper that I marbled myself.

Under my moleskine that already contains one poem, is a small book with poems by Elly de Waard.When I went to the book store today, I felt like buying my first book of poetry ever. That is to say, I have some…obliged poetry during my study English, Romantic English verse, mainly. But now I wanted to buy poetry that I could relate to. Dutch poetry. And I’ve never heard of Elly de Waard, but when I opened her book and read some poems, it rang some bells. So, I’ve started my poetry career with Elly de Waard en my moleskine.

Oh, and by the way, my writing poetry again doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing any illustration of mine anymore, or journals. But I think there might be a shift where my images will grow increasingly close with my poems…

What we did at last week’s workshop was way too cool to just ditch illustrating!