I can hardly think of anything better than to have inspiring friends who go out and try new stuff! Well, I have a set of friends like these who eagerly try and learn…and inspire! Last week they marbled paper (a vid behind the click!) with Maraby Easy Marble. Ha! That seemed fun!

So…yes…I admit to being an art supply junky!…I dashed off to the Art Supply store and got myself some lovely colors, including silver and gold…for I’m totally into little specs of glitter and glamour on my papers! I didn’t make a video for my first try…but I swear it was so much fun that I even got my husband to give it a go. He thoroughly enjoyed it and started talking about doing it for real, with real printing inks…phew! Wow…that’d be great! But, for now, we have a lot of practising to do…but so far, we managed to get some lovely papers. Some of which, I’ll show off….(be careful not to drewl over them..)

I loved the high contrast and the figure in this one. There’s a lot of movement in it.

Can you imagine strawberry icecream with a lot of strawberry sauce in it? Well…this must be it! I couldn’t help adding some gold.

Here’s the contrast again…I think black’s chique…especially with the silver.

How I liked the Marabu Easy Marble paint?

Well, the first three baths went best. You have to renew the water after 2 or 3 times instead of after the 7 Marabu claims. If you wait that long, there’s this nasty film on top of the water that leaves ugly bits in the marble. And what makes it hard to work with, is that the paint dries on the surface of the water extremely quickly. Marabu claims in minutes, but actually, it is in seconds. And once the paint starts drying, it turns into a film. When you take the paper off the water when the film has formed, more than just the paint on the paper will come along and specs can mae your paper ugly.

It’s great for fun and small surfaces (A5), but when you have a larger surface, you need too much time to create a pattern, which will lead to ugly bits.

So…I’ve immediately begun to explore other options and tried with various kinds of inks and paints. None came out as pretty and clear as the EasyMarble, but I think there’s promise in other techniques too. Maybe more later!