Now that my papers have dried, I can show you yesterday’s experiments…some paper crafting.

First, I made some paper…but not before I 2nd-hand bought my own paper blending blender. I found it on a Dutch online market place, here in my hometown…for a ridiculously small amount of money…al new…with a heavy glass blender jug:

It was so cheap that I thought it might not work, but once I hit that button, the entire neighbourhood could enjoy the paper blending with me! Noisy, but a pretty princess. Tough, too. For she didn’t mind swallowing a load of paper!

With this green paper pulp, I created these two postcards:

The left one has some fibers included between layers…it’s not really perfect, but I love it nonetheless.

Then I also colored some papers with paper paste…here are my first tries. And believe me…this requires some skill that I have yet to acquire:

First try…purple with stripes

Second try…accidentally used too wet paper and too much paste…too little paint. It’s a bit transparent. not what I’m after.

When you try things out, you learn quickly…perfection is another thing, but this blue paper looks much better than the previous two…here I began to believe I could really make beautiful things.

And this one I think is very beautiful…mixed two colours and got a flower pattern into it. I am going to try and use this one on the cover of a journal!

I’ve planned some paper pasting in the upcoming May holiday…together with the kids. And some paper making as well. They’re going to love it!

Now, before I say goodbye to you for today, something totally off-topic…I managed to shoot a typical Corgi cuteness moment…but do you notice her muddy lil’ feet? She’s such a little rascal!