This morning I’ve been working on a new mixed media illustration.
I’m taking this lovely Fairy Tale course from Carla Sonheim, you see.
I love Carla Sonheim!
I find her enormously inspiring.
And her approach to teaching drawing and painting skills
is one of no fail, of building confidence.
Years ago her online class was my first
and also the one that truly brought back the joy of drawing.
So when she announced her 2014 – Year of the Fairy Tale class,
I didn’t hesitate for long!
That means…fairy tales…
and I happen to l♥ve fairy tales…
I started sketching frogs…
And Tsars…
And now I’m working on a mixed media illustration
that requires some painted paper.
Hah! Don’t tell me painted paper!
I l♥♥♥ve painting paper!!!
Did I say I love painting paper already?
The me who is seriously working on getting into serious marbling,
the real thing?
The me who is into paste painting?
The me who has an intimacy with the gelly plate beyond belief?
Party time!!!!!!!
Check out that yumminess!!!
Some of these papers are soooooooo cool!
I love the marbling on the sheet in the bottom left corner!
Doesn’t it just have a cotton-candy feel to it?
Soooooooo sweet!
Can’t wait to turn this sheet into petals of tulips and lotuses…
I also did a landscape on the gelli plate…
One that looks especially nice with a queen and princess in it…
(although I still very much want to take my paper dolls into a real landscape…)
But then…when all the work’s been done…
there is an encore!
Look at what you can do with leftover paint on the plate:
An abstract piece of art!!!
The colours in this scan are a bit too yellow and red…
In reality, the darker colour is bronze…much darker and metallic…
but this is sooooo gorgeous.
I think I’m going to frame it!
No, I’m sure I will!
My day has been a ball thus far!!!
Now it’s time for lunch
and then I can get my hands dirty again….