It’s been cloudy for days…threatening with rain…and it’s going to stay this way for another week, as far as weather services are concerned. I hate it! It feels like living in a house with closed curtains. I need light! The dull grey and sad events right outside our doostep have lulled me into a listlesness where I wanted to do “something” but couldn’t think what to do. Nothing felt right. There was no joy in my journal at all. But in the aftermath of the tragedy, there was an unexpected meeting with a crafty neighbour and having been invited into her sacred and wonderful art room, I felt that I was fuelling up. So this morning I quickly perused my Art Journal example file and then caught fire by the colorful pages. Yess! Color was what I needed drastically. I decided to draw my dull and listless face around a flower I’d painted last Friday…but then to use lots of color. The colors are bland intently… They’re covered by the grey and cloudy weather.

Maybe tonight, or else tomorrow, I’m going to set up shop in the attic again. The past half  year I did my art downstairs, in our tiny, dark and cold office. Longing for the light in my attic studio…well, our puppy’s grown up well enough now…she no longer needs me constant and immediate presence…and she’s hometrained, so I needn’t worry for accidents on my floor anymore…so I really want to pick up all my supplies and paper and move back up. I am looking for a means of transport, though, that allows me to take projects I’m working on downstairs with me for when the kids play in the garden. So that I can keep an eye on them. I need something that is easy to carry down to staircases, also when stuffed to the brim with supplies. Any ideas anyone?

And of course, I’m going to keep a few thingies down here…watercolor…a set of drawing pens…some pencils…glue…the core necessity for journalling…to make sure I won’t break my back carrying stuff up and down.

Oh…I can’t wait to re-install myself in the attic! I’ve got a huge load of audiobooks ready to listen to while I work…