One of the things I’m most worried about, is packing our stuff for the move. I won’t be starting with that before January, but it’s already bothering me a bit. The thing is, I’m not much of an organized person and I’ll be running into an area or two that might do with some reorganizing, so it’s going to be a hell of a job. At least, to someone who’s not that good at it, like me.

And it’s not just my family’s stuff that concerns me. I also have to pack my studio and art supplies. But I will probably try to keep drawing and painting a little bit every day (except for the days when my hands will hold a brush to colour our new walls and the day that we’re hopping over), so I don’t want to pack ALL my supplies. But which supplies shall I hold on to? Today I’ve tried to make a neat ‘package’ out of my “The Sketchbook Project” stuff.

I’ve filled an envelope with sketching paper, a smaller envelope with tracing paper, a tube with my fine brushes and a pencil case with my pens and pencils etc. Oh, and I’ve packed my set of Old Holland watercolor…(which I love, by the way!).

What I also love very much these days and which I’ve had a fit of laughter about when I first saw it, is the Derwent electric eraser. I think I told you this before, but , it’s awesome. I use it a lot to erase small details because it’s so handy. I thought it was a stupid gadget to have. But it’s fab!

I’m working hard on The Sketchbook Project.  I want to have it finished in time. And with the finish in sight, I’ve decided to start over and make a coherent sketchbook…with…what else?…my birdies. I’ll post some pages soon, so that you can see what I’m working on.

Well, seeing this package here, I think it works for me. The most important discovery I made in studying all those art studio pictures, is that I REALLY, REALLY need to give myself more space by making a clutter-free working enviroment. When there’s a lot of stuff around me in my studio that I don’t work with, it weighs on me, somehow. As if small polymerclay hands are reaching out to me from under the lid of the crate they’re in desperately, begging me to pick them up again and work them into jewelry or magical objects. And the fabric that blows its magical dust into the air everytime I walk past, calling to me colorfully that they really, really would desperately like to be on the cover of a new Art Journal. And then those old diaries of mine. How they weigh on me. There are so many of them, most of them filled with worries, fears, sadness and despair. I so much regret now that I have written so little about my happy moments; reading back in my diaries gives me the creeps for should I ever forget that there were many happy moments too, my life would seem a wretched one by my diaries. I think that is the main reason why I started an Art Journal. It’s about happy moments too…and even the bad moments at least give nice pictures to look at. But those old diaries…I’ve been considering burning them. One by one. Leaving them behind as we move to a new life. Closing the past ritually and taking with me only my inner experiences.

So, all of that…the diaries, the unused supplies…they all have to go. The diaries may end up in ashes, but the supplies I’ll keep. Because they will be used some day. By me or my girls. They will be kept safely in my studio attic where I can see nor hear them calling out to me.

And then all the supplies that I DO use (acrylics, watercolor, mediums, pencils, inks, papers, journal making stuff) can get their own designated space. I might even have room to have a table for painting and drawing (with the best light), a table for bookmaking and journal making (with the sturdiest worktop that can literally take a blow) and a table for my computer. Wow, would that be neat, or what? I think that having such an organized space is highly motivating.

So, I’m going to continue organizing some supplies that I’ll keep using during the move so that I can pack those that will be on a sabbatical at least until April.