Here’s my little studio companion…she’s on the floor, trying to catch some sleep, but she’s in pain. So, I sat with her (and my journal and a pen) and comforted her…it was as if her eyes were asking me what was going on with her…she doesn’t understand why she’s feeling so bad…..oowwww….my little dog-owner heart’s got some cracks now!!!!

In the short timespans that she slept, I drew a quick oneliner…and I can’t begin to tell how surprised I am that this way of drawing gets the looks right. I mean…the way she looked at me, really is as I drew it on paper. This oneline drawing makes you see more…it helps me draw things as they are…or rather: to capture the essence. What I wanted to draw here, were those eyes full of sorrow and the bent body…the clumsy cramped front paw which was almost like a human hand clutching with pain. And even though this Cardigan Welsh Corgi is by no means accurate….this IS Silke…no, even more precise: this WAS Silke at THAT VERY MOMENT. So that makes this oneline drawing technique absolutely perfect for journalling!!!

Anyway…let’s cut the chattering…here’s what I’m talking about, Silke: