If you EVER have problems with Windows 7 in the evening, try it again in the wee hours of the morning! Then Windows is asleep and you have a little time to do your thing before it wakes up.

I have just managed to restore my system to a very early wearly state of installation and I have shut off the updates! But I have discovered, on the down side, that Windows 7 conflicts with McAfee!! Seriously. Windows 7 does not allow McAfee to make real time scans! Sigh. See? Microsoft sucks.

BUT! I’m hoping to have made a bypass around the problems I was having with Windows. And if not…well, I’ve just read that Steve Jobs’ illness is causing the Apple shares to plummet. I’m very sorry the man’s ill, but who knows? Perhaps Apple will take a different course and lower the iMac prices. Fingers crossed.

Okay, fingers are crossed. But even more so for my computer. I’m so hoping that my system will keep on working as it should. Oh, and to make a system copy I have downloaded a tiny freeware program that did the trick for me in 10 minutes. Flawlessly. Tell me, Microsoft. Why was that so hard for you if a few young geeks could do it so effortlessly?