I admit.
Free painting is addictive.
I did another one.
“She’s outgrown her doll”
Laying the background layer in place. Did the right piece of paper with a handmade template (will do a video tuturial about that tomorrow or Friday!!!)
Glued the pieces of paper to the background and added two hand painted pieces of rice paper over the first layer to already create depth in layers.


After turning and turning the canvas, I decided the orange spot in the top left corner was going to be the sun…I did a quick pencil sketch here of my little girl and her doll….


A couple of layers of paint…and some warm sunshine…she’s already coming together…

Hard to decide when is something finished. But I decided at this point the little girl has finally outgrown her doll. This little moment in time is completed. She drags her doll along, worn…undecided to keep it, or leave it. Don’t we do that every day with our life’s experiences?