There are those moments when as a parent, you’re dumb struck by your kids. Today was such a moment.

My keys were lost. Now, yeah, yeah, I admit. I AM a terribly messy person, but this time I knew exactly where they had been before they got lost. After hours of searching I called my hubs at work, but he too hadn’t seen them. They’d gone up into thin air.

They had been on the stairs in the hallway.

Then it occurred to me that our youngest daughter had been punished by a few minutes isolation in the hallway because she’d been very naughty. That’s when it began to itch!!! What had she done with my keys?

I searched high and low…in every nook and cranny, but there were no keys. I had visions of her pushing them outside through the letterbox and then some crook finding them, preying on our house till it’d be empty! I searched for 4 hours! But in vain.

When I picked my girls up from school, I immediately asked my youngest what had happened to my keys and even though her mouth formulated an “I don’t know”, her eyes told me something else! That little crook! So, I invited her to help solve the mystery of the disappeared keys and then all of a sudden she had seen them in the coat pocket of her older sister!!! I had to be careful not to laugh because this really wasn’t that funny. My keys could easily have fallen out of that pocket and get lost in the schoolyard while she played. And I’d also lost hours of searching time that I could have spent better.

So, I let my daughter know I was very disappointed that she’d hid my keys. You know what her reply was? (Remember, she’s only 5 years old.). “I did it because you punished me!”

That little devil!