You’ve probably noticed
that I was a little quiet here, of late
Well, I was working very hard behind the scenes.
Because today
it’s my first open art studio day!
I framed my work
And I sought a place 
to show the many things I do
I actually hung name-/pricetags…
(just as in a gallery)
I put my staircase to good use
I had business cards made
although I don’t very much like the ‘business’ in them.
They’re just a nice souvenir.
I wrote some brochures
and found a pretty display to display them in.
I put some journal pages on my easel
along with two paintings-in-progress
and forgot to take away the box for the picture!
It’s not part of the exhibition, though.
My studio really looks like a studio now.
Until now my walls were white and crisp.
Just never took the time to give my art a space to show off.
But now that it’s on the wall…
I feel so proud!
And having gone through all my work
has been immensely inspiring.