Who these two birds are?

Well, these two birds have found their way into my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. I’ve neglected that one shamefully. I’ve even considered not sending it in anymore. My head’s crowded and for some reason I have trouble journaling for someone else. Quite silly because I’ve never been too afraid to show my journal pages to the world. But now that I’m making a journal for an exhibition, I suddenly feel all tied up and nervous about it. It’s all about “doing it right” and “delivering”. And you should hear me talk about journaling not being about “delivering” at all in my courses!!! Practice what you preach, Mandy, practice what you preach!

But besides this stupid “fear” of failure, I’ve also been working on quite a few things at the same time. I’ve always been one to take on a little too much hay on my fork (a Dutch proverb!) only to have to shake some off later. I don’t have to do that now, but I am prioritizing. Since the sketchbook needs to be sent in by 15 January, I’m making that project my top priority. Also, I’ve promised my daughter to make a drawing based on or inspired by one of hers. So, that’s a task I set myself for this week. It will be ink and watercolor…

And, of course, I’m working on my online course. BUT!!! What’s up with you guys? Why are you not voting in my poll? Don’t you like polls? Are you not interested in an online course? Or don’t you feel like contributing to the composition of my course? Or did I not make the poll enticing enough to give it a shot? Only 5 votes are in now. One of which I did myself…a bit pathetic, hehe. It isn’t that you’re not here reading my blog. My stats tell me that there’s quite a few readers every day. Only very few of you are responding…what a pity!

That makes me reconsider my online course. Not the course in itself. I’m working on that one steadily and it’s turning into a really nice course, if I say so myself! But I intended to launch that one this winter so that we could all go out of our creative minds in this otherwise wintery and cold winter. The lukecold response to my poll makes me think I have to work on my marketing a bit first. I want to start with a group of 15 at least and I’ve a feeling we’re not getting there this winter… So I should probably take it easy with this course and keep the material for next winter and win your souls before then!!! Would that be a good idea? Perhaps you think I should be making more journal pages…..and then you’re right. I’ve been focussing on illustrating a lot lately…that’s just so much easier with a head that’s full of stuff that needs organizing and planning for the big move. But I admit that doesn’t make my journalling course very appealing right now.

So, what if I keep working on my course behind the scenes and make sure to make inspiring new journal pages for you from now on? Alongside illustrations… And perhaps do a few giveaways? Some artwork to frame on your wall? Some ATCs? Some ephemera or journaling stuff? Would that warm you up a bit to my course? To the poll even, maybe?

I don’t want to push you to do something you don’t want to do, but if you’re warming up to it a bit, then please…you’re so welcome! And if you don’t feel like it at all, then I’d like to know a learn a little about that. Maybe I can do something better next time?