The past few days weren’t some of the best I’ve had. For no reason, or perhaps for too many reasons, none really standing out to blame. Just a heavy feeling…

But then today, the snowy outside world, lit afire by the blazing sun, gave me the clearest of minds again. And as if synchronicity is not a mere theory, but a fact, the postman dropped an envelope on my doormat with the loveliest Art Journaling book I’ve seen in ages!

It’s called Journal Bliss and is written by Violette. The book is lovely! The colorful pages are truly healing in themselves…and then the contents of the book are basic, but nice to read and written in a way that really inspired to get busy. Great reminders for all those techniques I’ve been meaning to incorporate in my journal but have not yet done so.  Also, Violette’s blog is certainly one worth a daily visit!!!

So anyone who can use a bit of soothing…just when it’s one of those days…Violette’s my advice for you!