As you can see, my journal still gets visited by birds…it’s just that they’re so great to draw…quick little things that appear in my journal even when I have very little time. And with Sinterklaas coming up this weekend, I’ve been quite busy buying gifts, writing poems and today I’m going to make a surprise gift! So my Art Journal and paintings are neglected horribly.

But fortunately there are birds to show you! This bird…this was me yesterday! I was mad as hell! The thing is, moving house, especially over long distances is stressful. And we’re working so hard to make things go as smoothly as possible. And we’re very fortunate to have sold our house within one week in these bad times. So, that luck combined with our hard work should make it easy peasy to round things off and get things in order.

BUT!!! In the stressful process of getting a mortgage for our new house, we’re running into quite some frustrations. Banks don’t have time for you within the next 3 to 4 weeks these days. And the follow-up takes another few weeks. And oh, if they say, they’ll call, better call them yourself! And if they promise to come up with calculations on Friday (told you that when you called THEM on Thursday!), you won’t have them on Monday and Tuesday they’ll tell you  “your” custom manager hasn’t done the job yet and that oops! she’s not in the office for the next coming days!

I really hate the financial hassle that comes with buying a house. And when the bank doesn’t do their work, I get all wound up. I know, I know, I shouldn’t. But it’s just too important to be laid back about. I want to see things fixed and in order before I can relax and be happy about selling our house so quickly and having found another one equally fast. We’re going to try and kick the bank’s butt today and then we’ll just have to be patient. Although I must admit that if that bank wasn’t back in my hometown, I’d go there myself and simply not leave the building before I had my papers in order! *chuckle*…yes, I’m that kind of woman. I’m reasonable up to a certain point and courteous. But if companies don’t live up to their promises, they’d better hide because I really DO go there myself to see a manager and get things sorted out. It’s kind of funny…we had a lot of problems with our health insurance a few years ago when they were re-organising. Well, they made so many mistakes that when finally a bailiff stood at my door, claiming hundreds of euros to be paid right at that moment or else, hundreds of euros that I had long paid, I went for the kill! Never been so courteously angry in my life! And when I call them now, I get a special treatment…they make sure not to make me angry anymore…

Whoops! I’ll stop boring you with my frustrations and continue to work on my Sinterklaas preparations!