Attentive readers have probably noticed that I’ve deleted my last entry with pictures of inspiring art studios. That’s not for no reason.

What happened is that I received an e-mail from one of the owners of one of the studios and she objected very much to my having posted her studio on my blog without asking permission. I have deleted the blog and offered her my apologies.

But at the same time I’m wondering…when I write an article or a paper, I can use images and quotes freely as long as I credit and refer thoroughly. How does that work on the internet? There are tons of sites that only use images of other people with credits. Do they ask every person permission? And do you really NEED to ask permission if you credit and refer thoroughly? Isn’t it just part of the game that when you post something online, you must be prepared that it gets used somewhere?

I’m not saying it SHOULD be like this. But in my experience, it is already good manners on the internet to credit and refer with a link. I don’t recall that I’ve ever been asked permission for posting one of my images on a blog. Or maybe once. But I can always see in my statistics when somebody has blogged about me for the the amount of visitors rises drastically. And so far, I’ve never objected to anyone doing this.

I’m not asking you who was right or wrong here. But I’m curious what do you guys think? What is good manners? And what do YOU do? Do you always ask permission or do you think you should? Or do you think referring and crediting is good enough? What are the ethics here?

This discussion borders on the entire copyright issue of course. But let’s stick to blogging. What is done and what not? I’d love to hear what you think!

[ps. for anyone who loves to check out other people’s studios, go see here…it’s really inspiring!]