No recipes or food pics for a few days now. Don’t worry, I’m not starving. I’ve simply been too busy to really cook, let alone make a recipe post about it. All I’ve done, is prepare dinner, which I find something totally different than cooking. However, with a kiddy b-day coming up, my priority lies with the prep of a smashing party! Which is how I ended up in town this morning, needing a lot of decoration, party candy, presents…and loads more that we need for our new home. And really, after 3,5 hours of shopping I landed exhausted on a cafe terrace. I was tired, thirsty, and half an hour early for picking up my girls…oh, and it helped that my parking ticket also allowed for 25 minutes of nothingness. Just me and a cup of tea…or rather, just me and Adrian.

Who Adrian is? Mole. Adrian Mole. Don’t you know him? I know he’s a bit of a loser, but the anecdotes of his life…oh, they’re just a good laugh! Not high literature or deeply philosophical, but sublime for a cafe terrace in the sun!!!

(click the image to visit Adrian’s website)

Oh, and being in the bookstore and having a coupon to spend, I also treated myself to the new Hanif Kureishi, “Something to tell you”, about a psychotherapist who could use some sessions of therapy himself.

It’s a bit of a gamble. “The buddha of Suburbia” I liked very much. But “The Black Album” I simply was a struggle and one that I gave up. I put the book aside and gave it to a Kureishi fan. But, having time on my side this morning, I read a dozen of pages and decided this book appealed to me…

The busy day has left me a bit worn out, so I’m going to hit the sack, hoping Adrian will come along and give me a good time! 😉