After spending a lovely New Year’s weekend with equally lovely friends, we got home yesterday and there’s a growing sense of a new beginning. A new year.

First of all, I want to wish you all a very healthy, happy and successful 2012! I know for some of you 2012 has been more than a challenge. As it was for me. So let’s hope we can leave the demons of 2011 behind us and have a smashing 2012!

Three days into the new year and this is what my studio looks like. Hardly any space left to work, is there? So, I decided that today should be the day to clean up the mess that 2011 left behind.

2011 has been a huge challenge for me. But I finally feel that I can settle down here now. I’ve drawn the blueprint for my work this year and set my goals. I hope that in 2012 I’m going to meet some of you in my new (online) classes and workshops and I hope to meet a lot of new people in my new environment as well. I also hope that I can take some of my work to a publisher in the first half of the year. I’m guessing that will be excrutiatingly exciting, but the time has come to make my work “work”. I intend to step up from being an ambitious amateur with just plans to being a hard working professional.