Feeling completely over the moon….and back!!!
My new website is finished!!!

May I proudly present to you:


I’m so happy with my website. My galleries look that much more gorgeous and everything seems to function like it should. So feel welcome to come take a peek.

!!!!NEW BLOG!!!!

Besides a new website, I also moved my blog!!!!! So, if you use a bookmark to find my blog, please be sure to change the URL to: http://mandyvangoeijesblog.blogspot.nl/

Owwww…and there’s so much more to come!!! Really, I’m bang in the middle of a flow that’s powerful, inspiring and nothing short of wonderful. For my new website I’m working on the creation of my own integrated webstore…step by step. And…I’m also working hard on a new workshop!!! I’ve finished my first one, but I have decided to tweak it just that bit more… And in the mean time I’m working on the next workshop…along with which I will launch my online ‘school’. And for those who are lucky enough to live within travel distance from me, you are also welcome to come take real-life workshops in my studio. They will be up on the agenda SOON!!!


It’s all very, very much. So if you want to be kept up-to-date on the latest developments, sign up for my newsletter here. (Type ‘newsletter’ or ‘nieuwsbrief’ in the subject box and you will be added to the list!)The first newsletter will be out this December!!!

Oowww….sooo exciting, all of this!

Whether I’m getting a lot of painting or drawing done? Ehrm…nope…my fingers are itching tremendously. So I’ve got the next coming weeks planned in blocks of everything  so that I get to get my fingers dirty too….

Looking forward to seeing you in my newsletter and on my blog!!!