This afternoon I drew a new mandala…can you tell I am loving watercolours again?

Mandyla “Sarah” – watercolour and ink

I enjoyed working with my watercolour SO much, in fact, that I took a huge decision. Reminiscing how Machi Tawara said that limitations can offer a huge freedom, I decided to set some boundaries for myself…to free myself…to do what I love most…work with watercolours.

I had been longing for a more tidy workspace for ages. But I felt this strong urge to experiment for a long, looooooong time. And so I felt I needed all my art supplies at hand even more. This evening I decided to get busy and fuel the spark I’d felt so strongly this afternoon.

I grabbed all my mixed media gear and my acrylics and all that comes with it and packed it into crates. I’m putting all of these away for the summer! Yup! An entire summer without any mixed media! My first and greatest love has always been watercolour, and it’s opaque brother gouache, of late. I usually combine these paints with pencil, inks and sometimes even markers. So I made sure that from now on, my desk carries nothing but that…watercolour, gouache, ink, pencils and some markers. All the rest is safely stored until later.

I just love the space that suddenly happened! This place really calls my name to sit down and work! This is part of what I think Machi Tawari meant to say. By limiting yourself to something, you create the space you may need to fly…

Oh, and that pretty little red retro fan helps as well. As summer is reaching excrutiatingly high temperatures for our little Netherlands, I really need something to cool me down in order to be able to fly 😉

Oh…and by the way…I’ve begun uploading work to my Etsy shop. Another thing I’ve been meaning to do. Now I’ve agreed with myself to upload at least one item a day… Mandyla “Sarah” I will list tomorrow and when I do, I will issue a summer discount for my blogreaders, facebook likers and instagram followers! It’s been so good to have y’all by my side!