YESSS!!!!!!!! I finally have tons of NEWS!!!


First, my website finally refurbished and ready and running! It’s been a marathon getting it fixed with the goings on of the past months, but besides a little tweaking I’m planning to do on a few areas, I’m over the moon happy with and proud of it!!!

Check it out at and let me know what you think!


For those who followed my blog at, be ware: the URL of my blog has changed to:
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I can also finally announce my new online Inspiration Course:

“28-DAY David Bowie Inspirational Course for Life, Art, Music and Writing”

i didn’t intend for this launch day, but today, exactly four months after David Bowie passed away, I can share with you this Inspiration course I wrote, inspired by his life:


It’s odd how symbolic and loaded things become with meaning when dealing with grief. The morning after his passing the first idea that came to mind when I opened my eyes was: “Oh no, the first day in a world without David Bowie.” I opened the curtains and it rained, just like it did inside of me. I tried to focus on my work, but didn’t succeed. It didn’t help that all the media and social media kept reminding me by playing his music all the time and increasingly more stupid interviews. And then I switched all of that off and sat down with a candle for a bit. Just to silence my head and heart for a while.

After 15 minutes I returned to the world, knowing what to do. If I wasn’t going to be able to stop thinking about David Bowie, I might as well make it productive. There were better ways to honor the man than to sob, feel horrible and f*ck up a commission. So I sat down, asked myself what I could learn from Bowie, what his legacy besides his music was. Within minutes I had a pile of life lessons scribbled on paper. And that’s when I knew they could be helpful for others as well and that I was going to make them into an inspiration course.  I started sorting the topics and quickly had a structure I was happy with. The rest lies before you.

In writing the course, I went through his entire career, which is massive, and through a huge chunk of my own life again. And it’s been a wonderful ride full of wonderful memories. I ran into some new footage and got an even better view of the man than I already had. So for me, this process has been incredibly rewarding as I hope it will be for you. I’ve tried my hardest to take you on the same journey. May it inspire you!

David Bowie, fare well. You’re gone, but will live on in our minds…

For those interested in taking the course, you can click on the image or button below. It will take you to Etsy, where your purchase will be processed safely and VAT will be dealt with automatically!

New!!! 28-day David Bowie Inspiration Course!

Let yourself be inspired by David Bowie!

Using lessons inspired by David Bowie’s life (and death) this course will in turn inspire mindfulness and motivate change in your art, your music, your writing and your life. It will stimulate areas of your own creativeness and challenge your status quo.

If there ever lived a man who directed his own life rather than let himself be directed by his life, then it was David Bowie. He was true to himself, no matter how many changes it took for him to find that self over and over again. And even if he wasn’t sure that he would find that self, he never let that stop him. He’d still turn a corner when he felt it was time to head a new direction.

The Course
Whether you’re into music, art or writing or just hungry for inspiration in life, this inspirational program provides 28 lessons we can learn from Bowie’s life and links to interesting sites with further information. It is up to you how you want to digest and process the lessons. You could keep a diary for the duration of the course. Or you could work a lesson’s inspiration into your wirting, art, music or life.

The lessons
This course is paced, so you receive a lesson every day for 28 days. Every lesson is accompanied by a set of questions that helps digest and process the lesson. Working through the questions is optional. If you are otherwise inspired, you’re welcome! If a lesson inspires you to turn around the corner, then please, go your own way. After all, that’s what lessons are for…they are meant to inspire you in whatever way they do.

The course includes a closed facebook group for sharing.