I just realised that I don’t know exactly what it is called in English, but let’s just say that it’s called a cabinet…

Then here’s the new studio cabinet:

Or art-supply storage unit, if you prefer…hehe

See how wonderfully relaxed our living room looks? Only 20 boxes crowd this room. There’s 8 more in our bed room, 15 in the attic and about 80 in the studio attic! Ouch!!! And is it really laundry? Yes! I’m running terribly behind because I spent some hours painting in the past few days…and will keep on doing so today because I have a great idea sketched out…waiting to be painted…so, yes, there is actually laundry in our living room…but I still make a really great cup of coffee and tea, so I hope that will help compensate the visitor for his or her discomfort…hehe

The plastic you see around the cabinet is the plastic we wrapped it in for transport because the weather was very bad yesterday morning and the cabinet’s too big to fit into a trailer with a cover. So, we had to lay it on top of the trailer and tie it really tightly with ropes and straps. Kind of an exciting trip, 108 km from Rotterdam back home with strong winds and rain! But, the amount of plastic in the picture says it all…we wrapped her up thoroughly (why is something beautiful always a ‘she’?) and she got home dry and fine. I am smitten with it…but I might just change the knobs of the drawers and add a few to the doors…I found some really groovy ones that would match an art studio pretty well!

It’s a pinewood cabinet, painted black with a semi-transparent varnish and has lots and lots of space. I am going to try – but I”m not going to give any guarantee on it whatsoever – to keep only this cabinet and a few drawers chests for all my stuff in the studio. Ouch! Did I just say that out loud? Well, I do have an attic that I will use to store stuff in that I don’t use frequently. And this time I’m actually going to try and preserve some wall space so that  can actually put some art on the wall.