Lilith was Adam’s first wife, according to Jewish mythology and created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam. A woman, equal to man.

Art Journal Page “My Name is Lilith” – watercolour / close up

When Lilith refused to be submissive, she
was traded in for the more subservient Eve.

Art Journal Page “My Name is Lilith” in progress – watercolour

But Eve could hardly do any good either. She fell from grace for desiring an apple from the tree of forbidden fruits
thus stigmatising us women as the weaker sex even today.

Art Journal page “My Name is Lilith” – watercolour

Who conceived such women-trampling myths? What kind of role model has Eve been to us? Why must women be subservient? Where has Adam’s equal Lilith been in our society? Mythology may seem outdated, but in fact, what we choose to believe comes from the myths that were once upon a time, a long time ago, created. It is those myths that offer us the elements we pick to form our beliefs.

We may look in horror at the ill treatment of women by cultures and (extremist) religious groups outside the West. But even in our own society today, if we choose to open our eyes to it, we can see clear and very real traces of this myth that affect women in their pay checks, their glass ceilings and in the everyday concept of what female vice and virtue actually are considered to be.