Nobody is unique. Everything has been done before. If you don’t believe me, search the internet.

That’s my conclusion after having been an active internet user ever since it was available in the Netherlands for a larger audience, back in 1995. 15 years of e-mail and surfing…and I still can’t seem to get enough of it.

And therein lies the frustration. The internet is wonderful for moles like me who lead a home based life. It’s a door to the outside world. Hey, it even offers everyone a chance of finding an audience. And if you’re down on inspiration, you can google a few key words and within no time there’s images and videos at hand that lift your spirits again and help you build up new creative energy.

But…and here’s a big BUT! All those inspiring images and videos have this magnetic force that keep you bound to your screen for all the time you could have spent on creating something yourself. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, it fills your mind with such a humongous amount of images that it becomes increasingly hard to be authentic and create from the inside out. And last, but not least…do you recognize the constand compulsory checking or your mail box? How annoying is that?! Half the time there’s no mail at all, another quarter of the time there’s SPAM, SPAM and SPAM and the last quarter of the time you find e-mails by people you actually know, half of which are not very relevant and worth waiting for.

The internet is supposed to save us time for many things. But in effect, I find it consumes way too much time. It’s like shopping at a discount store. They take more money from your purse in the end that normal stores. At normal stores you’re aware of the prices. Discount stores practically give things away which makes you want more and more, leading to gigantic plastic bags full of junk you hardly use at all or that have breakages within minutes.

China thrives on that sort of desire.

However…it’s worth investigating one’s relationship with the internet. There’s time to be saved. There’s an outside world waiting to be discovered. There’s work to be done.