Two shelves in the first ever shabby chique rickety cabinet I ventured to buy, ten years ago now, is all the space I have got to store my art supplies until my studio’s finished.

It’s not easy for a gatherer like myself, to stop filling my space until I have to expand…but, having everything in moving boxes still, I couldn’t but expand a little, right?

So, I bought a few new journals….there’s some Moleskine cahiers…a Moleskine watercolor book…4 Philipe Cangini journals (which I like better than the Moleskines…better quality)…some Fabriano watercolor paper…a few more Moleskine cahiers and the Paperblanks year planner which I intend to use to make sort of a memory book of…with little drawings and stuff…

There’s the paper sculptures I made, the gesso and the books I’m currently working and writing in. I always work in more than one book at a time. I usually have:

– a sketchbook for drawings and paintings
– a notebook for quick lines of poetry that jump to mind
– a nightbook for jotting things down that keep me from falling asleep
– a diary, containing lots of words, images, paintings, poems…anything that deserves to be saved
– art journals in different sizes (a watercolor moleskine at the moment and a fabriano 18x24cm watercolor book)

The green rope in the picture is to bind the growing veggie plants in my veggie garden…

And here on the left my beloved watercolor paint box…a little heart shaped box that I’m going to paint for father’s day…this is the rough sketch and first layer of watercolor…and the huge pile of drawings, my diary (the fat red one), magazines, newspapers I use as underlayers for my work and a big box of paint on the bottom + my box of neocolor II watersoluble oilpastels.

It may already seem like a lot, but to think it is only a tiny part of my stuff…I’ve gotten used to working with these basic supplies and there are days that I dread the day that I have to start unpacking those 84 boxes for my studio…