I was busy as a bee…

Yep,  the above creature is a wasp…..but it was as close a thing to my proverbial “bee” as I could get with the photos I shot on the beach last Sunday.

Our days consist of little sleep, quick meals, working hard on the finishing touches of our house and my work mostly entails clearing out. Maybe my previous posts might lead you to believe otherwise, but I’m really good at clearing out. I’ve taken 3 huge bins full of books and toys to the local thrift store today. And there’s about 100 books waiting here to be put up for sale on the internet. Closets have been cleared out, the book case…it’s hard work. But I must say that I have been scolding myself. Why did I put it off for so long?

Seeing the house getting more spacious and light is deeply satisfying. Okay, perhaps not as satisfying as journaling. But it certainly declutters my mind as well. I hope to find some time soon to sit down at another (few) page(s).