So…I thought it would be peanuts to pour my website over to Wix. And it was. Pouring that website over to Wix was so much easier than I’d expected.

But my e-mail?

My dog…watercolor and Pencil

It died. I tried to revive it, but attempts seemed in vain. Until I discovered that my mx records and dns thingsies had become tangled like a ball of yarn a cat’s been playing with…frustrating is a nice word for that…

And so when this little fellow came over to do a drawing exercise, I joined him…and together we created such lovelies…forgot to photograph his, unfortunately…but the dog above is mine, as well as the Kukeloris (freely translated: a stumbler) below… And I have a really queer bird in the making…

Kukeloris…watercolour and graphite pencil

While my guest and I were having a ball with my watercolours (the joy on a child’s face the moment he discoveres the flow of paint…awesome!), my hostmisters were really nice and untangled my ball of yarn for me. So now my e-mail operates like it should again. Phew! Another hurdle tackled! So I hope tomorrow I can get on with some serious hard work. I’m running behind….